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Hand-drawn illustration of Naples, a picturesque city of Italian passion and cuisine.

Discover the Tradition of Ristorante Positano: Your Italian Restaurant in Zurich

Authentic Italian Restaurant

Welcome to Ristorante Positano, your Italian home in the heart of Niederdorf in Zurich. Our journey begins in Naples, the home of authentic Italian cuisine, and takes you through the genuine flavors of Italy. Our secret? We take traditional recipes and add a touch of innovation to present you with unparalleled dishes.


We take pride in making everything from scratch, from our homemade pasta to our crispy pizzas. Our commitment to quality and freshness is reflected in every dish we serve. Our goal is to serve the best pizza and pasta in Zurich and establish ourselves as the best restaurant in Niederdorf. Our recipe for success? A blend of tradition, friendliness, and innovation.


Our passionate chefs from Naples and our attentive service team ensure that you feel at home with us. Our focus is not only on the quality of our dishes but also on the hospitality we extend to our guests. We want your visit to Ristorante Positano to be an unforgettable experience.


If you're looking for a place where Italian tradition and modernity converge, you've come to the right spot. Experience the taste and warmth of Italy amidst the charming backdrop of Zurich's Niederdorf. Welcome to Ristorante Positano - your Italian home in Zurich!

The Culinary Journey: Raffaele Fusco - Owner & Executive Chef of Ristorante Positano

The culinary journey of Ristorante Positano is closely tied to the passion and expertise of our owner and executive chef, Raffaele Fusco.


Raffaele was born in Naples in 1992, a city of passion, art, and good food. Raised with his grandparents, who were master bakers, a profound passion and love for cooking and Italian cuisine were instilled in him from an early age.


Upon his arrival in Zurich, Raffaele sought to leave a mark rooted in the disappearing traditions, partly due to the trend of molecular and foam cuisine, and partly because it takes dedication to cook traditional Southern Italian recipes. This requires passion and hard work.


After nine years, Ristorante Positano is now passed on to Raffaele Fusco, who can bring his years of experience and passion for Italian cuisine. Using high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes, Ristorante Positano creates taste experiences you won't easily forget. A sense of "craftsmanship" is underscored by the consistency of bronze-drawn pasta and pizza. The pizza dough, made only from water and flour, is naturally fermented for at least 72 hours before serving. This results in excellent digestibility and the unmistakable taste of authentic Neapolitan pizza. Carefully selected wines are also offered, perfectly complementing the dishes.

Passionate serving moments with Raffaele Fusco, the heart and soul of Ristorante Positano.

"Al Dente makes you smile"

Visit Ristorante Positano and experience Italian cuisine at its finest. A team of young individuals with great passion looks forward to welcoming you. You can make your table reservation here.

Raffaele Fusco & Team

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